Police Station

So, I realize I am updating this blog way too often. But things are so new I want to write about them all! It’ll probably trickle down at some point. I also have awkward down time a lot these first few days.

Two things have happened since I last wrote:

I met the baby sitter. She was wearing a body con dress, boots, and a Prada bag and came in to baby sit and wash the kitchen while we were going to the police station. Apparently the plan is for her to show me “where the young people go” sometime soon. This should be very interesting.

The second thing is the police station visit to “declare my presence”. So, everybody who told me to double check to see if I need a visa, you were correct. I am currently an illegal in Italy. As I’m staying 92 days (really good planning on my part)I need a visa to stay more than 90 days. I probably shouldn’t actually write a blog post about this because we convinced the police officer to pretend like she didn’t see us today, and we are going to turn in the paper work tomorrow saying arrived then, which will equal 90 days. The lucky part of this was that in the disorganized Fiumancino airport they did not stamp my passport. This actually means they have no evidence of when I entered the country.

Well, that was a stressful encounter with people yelling in Italian!

Now time for the beach!

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