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Flying High

So many strange emotions were filling me during that traveling day. I’m trying very hard to think of it as yesterday, though I haven’t actually slept since then. So, yesterday, I was set on my way by my emotional mother and control freak father in the most loving way. I’m glad they were there to drop me off on my first real solo trip. It was weird though I almost instantaneously started feeling lonely once I got through security, a feeling I didn’t think I’d get until months into the journey. I think it was just the realization of the fact that I’m not going to see anybody I know for three months. Utterly alone and relying on strangers. And the fact that in airports it’s all couples and groups of sorority girls traveling together, especially this time of year heading towards Europe. I came to the conclusion that if for no other reason a travel buddy would be amazing to have when you want to leave your very heaving bag somewhere and venture off to get food in the airport or something like that. It’s amazingly annoying to be tied all of your crap. It’s similar to how having a friend to study with at the library/starbucks can be amazing because it allows you to go the bathroom.

Anyways, after I got over that initial strange loneliness I got into the groove of traveling. I actually got to check my large carry on at the gate. This was really nice as I didn’t need anything in it on the flights; the negative side to this decision was that my laptop got pretty crunched. But it’s still functioning so that’s all that matters. The flight to Philadelphia was great; I managed to sleep for at least half of it and randomly ended up sitting next to a friend from freshman year. I also enjoyed seeing 3 mile island on the way to landing solely because I just watched the Wolverine Origins movie. The Philadelphia airport wasn’t that impressive compared to Seatac but I didn’t have the much time judge as my whole layover was spent speed walking from one end of it to the other. BTW: I hate people who block the whole express walk way thing. It’s supposed to make you walk faster not aid in your laziness!

Here’s my inevitable plane trip rant though. My seat was in the middle section of this large plane, and it was in a row of three behind a row of four. This means I wasn’t lined up with the little TV or the pull down tray, super annoying! And I shared the row of three with a couple on some romantic trip getting way too snuggly next to me. My biggest complaint though is about the two blonde IDIOTS who sat across the aisle from me. AHHHHHHHHHHH. AH. Okay I promise my blog will get WAY more interesting after this, but I have to rant somewhere as I’m currently cut off from just texting Hannah about it. These girls’ rudeness is impossible to describe. I’m not sure if they were actually stupid or severely socially unaware. First of all, they were having a long discussion about what time it would be when we got to Italy, one was adamant it’d be 2 am, the other was just confused, so I kindly let them know it’d be 9am, I was just sick of hearing them talk about this. They were pretty offended I chimed in on their conversation, so I decided not to say anything while they were blatantly texting while the plane was taking off. Seriously, it’s not that hard to not text FOR FIVE MINUTES. I know it probably won’t do anything, but why risk it? But I got to know why, I got to hear ALL ABOUT how her boyfriend cheated on her and every possible interpretation of their text conversation. This mostly happened while it was “break time” or whatever you want to call it when the plane is officially in night time mode and you’re supposed to respectful to other people trying to sleep in order to avoid the horrible jet lag. Nope. Apparently this is when you have a full volume conversation about your sex life and emotional damage.  Probably louder than full volume. I attempted using the ear plugs my father gave me that he uses in the large industrial plant he works in, but it really did not do much to stop their cutting voices. I settled for not getting to sleep, but at least drown out their voices with a loud movie. Okay. Rant over.

Here are my brief movie reviews:

I watched Chronicle because it was set in Seattle. Um. WTF. Why does that movie exist.

This Means Wars was surprisingly good! I was expecting the cliché romcom that entertained but really didn’t add much to the genre. This movie was definitely worth watching though, I loved the Chelsea Handler touch to it.

I only got half way through 21 Jumpstreet but the half I did watch I was laughing (out loud) quite often, even though that’s awkward to do when you’re watching something with headphones. I’m definitely going to try and watch that last half at some point.

This is an extremely long blog post so I’m going to end it here. Here is a picture of some knitting I got done on the plane.

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