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My First Morning

I want to take more pictures of things happening, but don’t want my host family thinking I’m crazy taking pictures of every meal. I haven’t told them I have a blog. But maybe I will start doing it anyways. My first morning is off to a great start with more moka coffee and a breakfast of apricots, cherries, almonds, and yogurt. There was the option of Nutella and bread as well, but as I’ve gained some weight back in the last two weeks I figured I’d save my calories for the inevitable amount of cheese I will be eating.

I finally got to meet my host dad last night as he works really late on Mondays and Tuesdays, and he’s quite funny. They first thing he asked me was if I like beer and if I wanted one. This morning he comes out in his robe (already having been delivered coffee by Madda) and asks me if I eat omelets every morning. I had to explain to him while the traditional American breakfast is seen as a heavy meal filled with bacon eggs and pancakes (and I do love a full breakfast) that is mostly for special mornings and I normally eat the same type of light breakfast they were giving me.

It’s so strange having the sun rise of the water instead of set over it! We have to put all of the blinds down in the morning so that you don’t need sunglasses walking around.

Madda and I are going to the police station soon to declare my three month residency, this will be my first walk through town!

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I Have Arrived

So, finally, I have arrived in Pescara! I managed to meet up with Maddalena and get taken to my new home. Here is a deluge of pictures of my room and the view/deck. I will have more of the rest of the apartment later.

It’s sooooooooo pretty here, so much prettier than pictures led me to believe. Sure the actual city is a strange landscape of modern Italian apartments, but the beach is breath taking. Miles of perfect sand filled with pizzerias and “Palmas”, the large beach umbrellas that litter the place. There is an amazing walkway along the entire thing and it is quite the scene, rollerbladers and everything.

So many leathery Italians! The tan is beautiful but man are they leathery looking. Also, men in banana hammocks. I didn’t realize that was actually such an explicit dress code. We took a walk down to the family’s palma, you rent one for the entire summer and nobody else can use it, so I can know where to take the boys tomorrow, my first real beach day!

This job is going to be such a weird combination of stress and challenge that I can already barely deal with, and the amazing fact that I’m just going to get to go to this amazing beach everyday filled with beautiful men and pizza. Communicating with the boys is really hard, I’m hoping we can all become a little less shy and start working on that pretty quick. I realize it’s the very first day and I’m barely functioning but it still makes it quite daunting.

Oh, did I mention I was greeted with pasta, mozzarella, prosciutto, bread, and fresh cherries when I walked in? So good/perfect/what I would’ve wanted in my Italian dreams. The family has fresh bread, cheese, etc. delivered to their apartment from a farm service. And I get to eat it all summer. Yup. I’m pumped. I think she’s making dinner now so we’ll see how that goes! I’m super tired and need to go to sleep but I’m fighting jet lag like a champ!

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Packing up and saying good bye!

It’s currently 18:18 in sunny Pescara. I am beat. I should actually be more tired but I’m more emotionally drained. So much has happened in the last 24 hours! Let me recant every detail before I forget.

Starting with packing.

Actually back up, here are some pictures from the going away party. I got to see my best friend Rachel for one night after she got back from Spain and before I left for Italy, but at least we got that! I will miss my friends while I am away, we had a great last night together!

Okay now packing. I had plenty of time to pack ahead of time, but there are certain things you really can’t pack until the day before, such as a hairbrush, or the clothes you’re currently wearing, etc. So this led to me frantically cleaning up my room for my subletter and packing my suitcase the night before I left for Italy, all observed by my best (currently homeless due to sublet madness) friend Hannah.

She’s always good motivation though. It also led to packing quite a lot of things. I know I’ll use all of them at some point though as this is three full months of life. I unpacked into my lovely room (see future post) and it definitely doesn’t seem like too much. I’m hoping the maid (yup, someone else does the deep cleaning of the bathroom etc. :D) doesn’t judge the amount of sunglasses and statement necklaces I brought with me.  My checked bag was 58 lbs when I weighed it so I had to clip all of the shoes I brought with me to my carry on back pack, but I managed to get it down to 50.5 which they accepted. I also managed to squeeze in some stuffed animals and knex for the boys!

My mother slipped this smoke alarm into my bags after I refused her insistence that I didn’t need it; she has been quite ridiculous about the safety measures I should take. I managed to get rid of it without her knowing. Finally packed and set on my way I left at 5:30 Sunday morning.

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Well this is my new blog!

I had been debating on whether to create a completely new blog for this summer or not. I have one blog that is focused on what I do instead of homework, namely crafts, costumes, and knitting, and can be found here. I thought I could just post about the crafts I do abroad and sneak in my travel posts, because having two blogs largely increases the chances of them being abandoned for bouts of times. But I came to the conclusion that I will have way to may things to post about on this new adventure and they should have a record of their own. So here it is, Summer in Pescara!

The Beginning of My Story:

I am a student and the University of Washington majoring in bioengineering. I have been having a hard time in school lately for a number of personal reasons, and in the end of all that I’ve found myself having a mid-college crisis. It’s not that I don’t know what I want to do- I love bioengineering and will do whatever it takes to complete my degree in it, it’s on a more philosophical level in that I feel like I have not done enough in my 20 years. Sounds strange to say because that is still so young, but I have never taken a break from school. I was top of my class in high school, direct admit into the bioengineering program here, and have stayed in Seattle to work over summers ever since going to college. So I think it’s my natural claustrophobia and life ambition finally coming through that wants to take a break from being a student in a school and finally have a chance to be a real person. Hence the title: Is this real life? Because strangely on one hand I find myself saying that I’m finally going to get a sense of real life this summer, but also saying I get to take a break from real life. So basically my goal is to figure out which, if either, is true, and come up with a plan to tackle the rest of college while I’m at it. Sounds like a simple task huh? Well at least it’s coming through amazing means.

My summer will be spent as an au pair in the city of Pescara, Italy. It’s in the Abruzzo region in Italy, east of Rome on the Adriatic. This area is often overlooked by tourists so I am looking forward to getting to know real Italian life style without immediately being associated with the ever looming crowds of tourists. My posts will be a mix of pure travel, life as an au pair, and personal reflections. I leave in a week and it’s about to start packing! Looking forward to an amazing summer spent with amazing people, including you blog readers!

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