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I found the alcohol

So I found a small grocery store yesterday that’s really close to my home. It’s not as big as your classic safeway, but definitely bigger than the small fruit shops and cheese shops I’ve been to so far. I’ll probably go there to get some snacks for a picnic or something in the future. I was mostly excited to figure out that they had a good selection of alcohol. I found some off brand Bailey’s that I’ll think I’ll get next time to mix with some moka coffee in they sunny afternoon. They had huge wine jugs (and not just carlo rossi here) that were very impressive. I also found out that they list their ingredients on their alcohol, which I find kind of nice.

I was debating about what to get myself, it wasn’t the usual array of options. I found maraschino and grappa, two things I definitely want to try while I’m here, but I didn’t really want to commit to a large bottle of either at this point. I ended up finding really cute peach vodka, and thought, what the heck, it’ll make me feel at home. Why not do something that’s in my culture at this point. The vodka was only 5 euros, so nice! So I bought the vodka pesca and some fresh pesca juice (they really are obsessed with fresh peaches right now). This ended up being a really delicious combo and I drank a  little before I went out last night. Apparently that’s not in their culture either, to drink a little before you go out, but hey, it was fun to buy some alcohol as I wouldn’t be able to do that in America currently.

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