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Well this is my new blog!

I had been debating on whether to create a completely new blog for this summer or not. I have one blog that is focused on what I do instead of homework, namely crafts, costumes, and knitting, and can be found here. I thought I could just post about the crafts I do abroad and sneak in my travel posts, because having two blogs largely increases the chances of them being abandoned for bouts of times. But I came to the conclusion that I will have way to may things to post about on this new adventure and they should have a record of their own. So here it is, Summer in Pescara!

The Beginning of My Story:

I am a student and the University of Washington majoring in bioengineering. I have been having a hard time in school lately for a number of personal reasons, and in the end of all that I’ve found myself having a mid-college crisis. It’s not that I don’t know what I want to do- I love bioengineering and will do whatever it takes to complete my degree in it, it’s on a more philosophical level in that I feel like I have not done enough in my 20 years. Sounds strange to say because that is still so young, but I have never taken a break from school. I was top of my class in high school, direct admit into the bioengineering program here, and have stayed in Seattle to work over summers ever since going to college. So I think it’s my natural claustrophobia and life ambition finally coming through that wants to take a break from being a student in a school and finally have a chance to be a real person. Hence the title: Is this real life? Because strangely on one hand I find myself saying that I’m finally going to get a sense of real life this summer, but also saying I get to take a break from real life. So basically my goal is to figure out which, if either, is true, and come up with a plan to tackle the rest of college while I’m at it. Sounds like a simple task huh? Well at least it’s coming through amazing means.

My summer will be spent as an au pair in the city of Pescara, Italy. It’s in the Abruzzo region in Italy, east of Rome on the Adriatic. This area is often overlooked by tourists so I am looking forward to getting to know real Italian life style without immediately being associated with the ever looming crowds of tourists. My posts will be a mix of pure travel, life as an au pair, and personal reflections. I leave in a week and it’s about to start packing! Looking forward to an amazing summer spent with amazing people, including you blog readers!

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