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Sunburn: Scottatura

So I actually am not sunburned at all where I should be, but my feet are sooooo burnt. I’m not sure they could be anymore sunburnt or swollen. So strange. When I met a cousin of the boys, she came up to me, pointed at my feet, and said “rosso” and stared giggling. My sunburnt feet are a huge joke. Madda tells me to put sunscreen on my feet whenever I leave the house now. 

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First true beach day

We had a late start because we had to go to the police station, so the morning with the boys wasn’t very long. I didn’t even have time to actually go swimming myself. This doesn’t mean it wasn’t stressful though. Communcation issues for days. And host mom thought it would be a good idea to buy them new water toys, mini water cannons. Sigh. I knew I’d find a way to complain about spending time in paradise. I’m trying though and I know it will get better! There are some cute life guards around the pool though, sadly the truly hot one is dating the lady life guard. They’re a good help with the children, as they know all of them. I also managed to get a strange tan line from my dress, but I was not wearing it for long at all, I was in my bikini the whole day. Strange!

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I Have Arrived

So, finally, I have arrived in Pescara! I managed to meet up with Maddalena and get taken to my new home. Here is a deluge of pictures of my room and the view/deck. I will have more of the rest of the apartment later.

It’s sooooooooo pretty here, so much prettier than pictures led me to believe. Sure the actual city is a strange landscape of modern Italian apartments, but the beach is breath taking. Miles of perfect sand filled with pizzerias and “Palmas”, the large beach umbrellas that litter the place. There is an amazing walkway along the entire thing and it is quite the scene, rollerbladers and everything.

So many leathery Italians! The tan is beautiful but man are they leathery looking. Also, men in banana hammocks. I didn’t realize that was actually such an explicit dress code. We took a walk down to the family’s palma, you rent one for the entire summer and nobody else can use it, so I can know where to take the boys tomorrow, my first real beach day!

This job is going to be such a weird combination of stress and challenge that I can already barely deal with, and the amazing fact that I’m just going to get to go to this amazing beach everyday filled with beautiful men and pizza. Communicating with the boys is really hard, I’m hoping we can all become a little less shy and start working on that pretty quick. I realize it’s the very first day and I’m barely functioning but it still makes it quite daunting.

Oh, did I mention I was greeted with pasta, mozzarella, prosciutto, bread, and fresh cherries when I walked in? So good/perfect/what I would’ve wanted in my Italian dreams. The family has fresh bread, cheese, etc. delivered to their apartment from a farm service. And I get to eat it all summer. Yup. I’m pumped. I think she’s making dinner now so we’ll see how that goes! I’m super tired and need to go to sleep but I’m fighting jet lag like a champ!

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